Contact Information

Dr. Andrew Richter
Assistant Professor of Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN 46383


I recently joined the faculty at Valparaiso University, although Valpo is quite familiar to me--I'm an alumus from the class of 1990. Before coming to Valpo, I was an assistant professor at the University of Memphis (where I hold adjunct Graduate Faculty status) for 3 years. Prior to that, I was a research fellow at AIST in Tsukuba, Japan, for 15 months. See my CV for other biographic information.

My wife, Jennifer Prough, also teaches here at VU in the honor's college. We have a 3-year-old son, Emmett, who loves trains and cats, and making his trains pretend they're cats.

Last summer I set up my lab and worked with two undergraduate students, Larry Selvy and Amanda Taticek. We evaluated what happens at the boundary between water and surfaces that don't like water (hydrophobic surfaces), and how proteins adsorb onto hydrophobic surfaces. In December, Larry and another student, Josh Vredevoogd, went with me to the Advanced Photon Source to do some in situ x-ray studies of these systems.

This summer, two more students, Ben Anderson and David Hillhouse, are working with me on this same project. We will be looking at a wide variety of small proteins, ascertaining their deposition characteristics for future x-ray studies. We will be using ellipsometry, AFM, and contact angle measurements to characterize the underlying self-assembled monolayers (which create the hydrophobic surface) and the deposited protein films.

My interests are in x-ray physics, amorphous solids, thin organic films, nanotechnology, and teaching about all these things.

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